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Blackberry prices on the rise

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Blackberry prices are rising as the Mexican season gives way to U.S. domestic supplies.


Mexico volume compared vs USA 2020

We can see that Mexico has increased volume up to 92 million pounds since January and the USA regions have had small volume from January to April, said David Wilson, vice president of sales for Agtools Inc.

Blue Book has teamed with Agtools Inc., the data analytic service for the produce industry, to look at a handful of crops and how they’re adjusting in the market during the pandemic.

Since April we see California North and South taking the lead, respectively. The Mexico season is coming to an end and thus volume decreased considerably.

Blackberry shipping prices 2020

Wilson said the graph above shows that Mexico had prices of $7-12 for the 12 6-ounce packs. In mid-May U.S. regions entered at levels of $8-22 U.S., and prices have been increasing.

Blackberry Terminal Price Blackberries 12 6-ounce

We can observe the New York 12 6-ounce prices from Mexico and the U.S. regions, Wilson said. Prices varied from January to June from $5-38. In June, other U.S. regions entered the scene and now we have prices as high as in the $30.

Blackberry Volume January 1 through July 28th 2020

From the table above we can see the total volume of blackberries in the USA market of 117 million pounds that Mexico enjoys 78 percent of the production and USA has most of the balance with 20 percent, Wilson said.

Mexico and USA are having higher volumes vs. 2019. Mexico has increased 23 percent more volume vs. 2019 while the US combined is enjoying 31 percent vs. 2019.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services