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GRAPHIC: Low lettuce volumes headed into summer

- Analysis
The following graphic was produced by Agtools Inc. to show that lettuce volume is at the lowest level in seven years headed into summer months, which are dominated by growers in Salinas and Santa Maria, CA.

GRAPHIC: Strawberry prices strong for Mother’s Day

- Analysis
The following graphic was produced by Agtools Inc.

Imports pressure U.S. winter strawberry markets

- Analysis
The concern is that Mexico is continuously increasing strawberry imports into the U.S. at costs below production, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, for Florida growers to compete. What do the numbers say?

Mexican blueberries gain U.S. market share

- Analysis
Seeing how 2021 is being billed as the year of the fruits and vegetables, it is only fitting that we start the year off with a squabble of sorts.

A look ahead to the winter iceberg lettuce market

- Analysis
A look at iceberg lettuce volume and pricing over the past several years shows a similar winter pattern.

The numbers behind avocados’ record 2020

- Analysis
As the end of the year 2020 grows closer, the numbers for avocado consumption keep growing.

A look ahead to the winter onion market

- Analysis
There has been nothing steady about 2020 when it comes to produce, and onions were not immune to the pandemic this year.

What to expect in the banana market in 2021

- Analysis
An analysis of the banana market in 2020 show several volume spikes in the spring as retail adjusted to changing consumer demand early in the pandemic, but both wholesale and retail prices were fairly steady all year long.

Strawberries in 2020 are a tale of supply and demand, not pandemic

- Analysis
The national strawberry market in 2020 appears to have been influenced much more by traditional factors, such as weather and supply-and-demand, than by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada gets in on U.S. potato demand

- General News
While Idaho remains the behemoth, Canada has put a stake in the ground when it comes to exporting potatoes into the U.S.