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GRAPHIC: Inside the mushroom business

- Analysis
Mushrooms have seen modest growth the past few years, as they've been recognized for their culinary options and health benefits.

GRAPHIC: Inside bell peppers’ growth

- Analysis
The following graphic was produced by Agtools Inc., to explain and describe prices and volume in relation to rising consumer demand for bell peppers.

GRAPHIC: Inside papayas’ growth

- Analysis
The volume of papayas shipped to the U.S. grew by 20 percent from 2020 to 2021, and it’s reflected in growing levels of consumption from American consumers.

GRAPHIC: A look at rising demand for asparagus

- Analysis
Asparagus volume in the U.S. rose 25 percent from 2020 to 2021, with nearly two-thirds coming from Mexico and almost one-third from Peru.

Russian produce imports: A snapshot

- Analysis
Lots of nations these days have stopped buying from and selling to Russia, including the U.S.

GRAPHIC: A look inside blueberries’ rising popularity

- Analysis
Thanks to ever-growing consumer demand, both domestic and exporting growers continue to devote more acreage to blueberries for the fresh market.

GRAPHIC: U.S. mango imports rebound in Q4 from pandemic slump

- Analysis
The following graphic was produced by Agtools Inc., to give perspective on mango volume and price trends for the end of 2021.

GRAPHIC: Broccoli prices rise before weather problems

- Analysis
Broccoli volume was up from Mexico and California in the fourth quarter of 2021, but that didn't cause prices to fall.

California may miss out on rising strawberry demand

- General News
Rain is expected to keep down California strawberry supplies as new year demand for the fruit begins its annual pull.

GRAPHIC: Plum tomato volume rises on strong demand

- Analysis
Tomato sales have been strong the past several years, and the plum variety leads the way. Annual volume has grown by one-third in the last year alone to make it the most popular variety in the category in the U.S.