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GRAPHIC: Grapes by the numbers

The first half of this year, table grape volume in the U.S. has been down 11 percent from 2022, but it’s more of a supply problem than demand.

Poor weather in Chile and Mexico has limited imports, with Peru picking up only a little of the difference. The domestic season started slow but has time to catch up.

Consumer demand for grapes has been mostly steady for the last 20 years at just under 8 pounds per person by retail weight, according to USDA. This puts it among the most popular fresh fruits and within a few tenths of pounds of avocadoa and oranges, but well behind bananas (26.9 pounds per person), melons (19 pounds), and apples (15.2 pounds).

In this graphic by Agtools BB #:355102, see the story of table grapes in charts and graphics.