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Shanley Farms starts peak finger lime season

Morro Bay, CA – The Shanley Family of Morro Bay have a passion for growing their Citriburst Finger Limes. In the early 2000’s Jim Shanley went to a Citrus Exhibition hosted by a group of researchers from UC Riverside where he was introduced to Australia’s native finger lime.

That began the generational focus for Shanley Farms BB #:290704 on their Citriburst Finger Lime program. Megan Shanley Warren joined her father at the farm in 2010 in sales and marketing. Committed to Layered Agriculture, a farming technique that skillfully utilizes all available land by pairing symbiotic crops, the Shanley Farms program includes Citriburst finger limes and pearls, Morro Bay Avocados, Gator Eggs Avocados, Goji Berries, Passion Fruit, and specialty varieties of coffee.

Citriburst Finger Limes have really peaked consumer interest in both flavor and appearance. Shanley Farms sells to consumers as well as having distribution to retail and foodservice that cater to food lovers, cocktail artists and culinary adventurers.

Megan Shanley Warren says “Here at Shanley Farms we are big believers in communicating directly with our consumer fans, especially on the Citriburst Finger Limes. Our online Citriburst sales have exploded due to the pandemic. We reach out and communicate on a regular basis with all the consumers that have been buying our Citriburst Finger Limes. We call them our Citriburst Champions and we intend to share their passion with our retail and foodservice partners.”

Citriburst Finger Limes are high in vitamin C which is a key element for immune health and has increased consumer interest in Citriburst Finger Limes.

Citriburst Finger Limes are also versatile and can be used in a number of different ways from sauces to smoothies, main courses to desserts and drinks. Citriburst Finger Limes are a great item to cross merchandise with other key items.

Citriburst Finger Lime volume has begun to ramp up in the Shanley Farms Visalia and Morro Bay groves. Peak volumes run July through September.

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