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Don’t get overwhelmed managing the digital world

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Technology changes quickly.

With the many tools available, it can be a daunting task to just keep up with all the apps as well as dozens or hundreds of daily texts, emails, and posts.

Diane Wetherington, CEO of iFoodDecisionSciences BB #:300785 in Seattle, WA, says that if technology isn’t a company’s strong point, it should engage a partner to manage technology processes.

“Find a company that understands the produce industry and will build a relationship with your business as a true partner,” she says.

Ace McClellan, IT manager at Peri & Sons Farms, Inc. BB #:126045 in Yerington, NV, encourages people to take time each day to completely close email and get caught up with other tasks.

“Most people don’t realize how distracting email can be when you respond to everyone as soon as it hits your inbox,” he says.

“You’ll find that most emails that come in after hours can wait until the next day, and you’ll end up getting a lot more done.”

Regardless of the type of technology used, Mike Agostini, owner and consultant at Miago Produce Services in Rogers, AR, says strong relationships are a necessity.

Trust works both ways. With a solid foundation, tech tools can help build better relationships for long-term success.

This is a multi-part feature adapted from an article in the May/June 2020 issue of Produce Blueprints.