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Retail Technology: The downsides to smart carts

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Smart carts are expensive, costing more than $5,000 each, according to media reports.

Retail Technology: Cashierless shopping

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With the tight labor market, cashierless shopping has never been more appealing.

Retail Technology: Computer vision

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Computer vision is the technology behind many of the innovative solutions available to grocers today.

Retail Technology: Smart shelves improve

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Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) that can update pricing in minutes have been available for years.

How technology is transforming retail grocery

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We live in a high-tech world. Consumers today are accustomed to fast, seamless transactions, and they want what they want, when they want it.

Ally Robotics launches to open new era for attainable robotics

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Ally Robotics – a startup making smart and affordable robotic arms – has launched a campaign to raise up to $8.5 million in seed capital via equity crowdfunding site WAX.

Vertical Farming: Filling an urgent need

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This industry segment is all very promising, but how far can vertical farming go?

Vertical Farming: Feeding evolving demand

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Another recent addition to the vertical farming scene is 80 Acres Farms, a Hamilton, OH-based operation started in 2015 by current CEO Mike Zelkind and business partner Tisha Livingston.

Vertical Farming: Growing in small spaces

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Charleston SC-based Vertical Roots is a company with a novel approach to vertical farming.

Vertical Farming: Crops in motion

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Focusing squarely on the technological solutions side, Canadian firm CubicFarm Systems Corporation, from Langley, BC, takes a different approach to the vertical farming concept.