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Hazel Tech partners Zespri kiwifruit

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CHICAGO, IL (June 16, 2020) – Hazel Technologies Inc., BB #:302595 a USDA-funded technology company delivering new solutions for fresh produce to extend shelf-life, increase sales, and fight food waste, announces it will be supporting New Zealand-based Zespri International, BB #:141270 the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, through the commercial launch of Hazel™ Trex, a new technology brought to market by Hazel designed to improve kiwifruit orchard performance and increasing orchard efficiency.

The technology works by providing guidance on the best timing for orchard management practices. Trial data indicates a benefit of using Hazel Trex on traditional Hayward and “Gold” kiwifruit orchards.

Grower block trials have indicated that increases in king flower production of approximately 15% can be achieved in Hayward when using Hazel Trex.

“We are pleased to have the Hazel Trex test available to Zespri growers this season. Through Zespri Innovation trials, we have demonstrated that this technology can be used to optimize orchard practices to improve budbreak and flowering results,” says Dr. Mary Black, Innovation Team Leader for Orchard Productivity at Zespri International.

“We believe growers can use this technology to optimize the timing of budbreak enhancers, therefore improving the performance of their orchards,” Dr. Black says.

“We are thrilled to support Zespri in the kiwifruit industry by making this innovative technology available,” said Adam Preslar, CTO at Hazel Technologies, Inc. “Hazel is truly committed to improving fresh produce quality, reducing waste, and increasing sales from seed to shelf.”

Founded in 2015, Hazel Tech® solutions revolve around the controlled release of active, shelf-life enhancing vapor from packaging materials, as well as pre-harvest quality technologies. Hazel® patent-pending technologies have been tested by many of the country’s top academic research programs including UC Davis, Cornell University, and Oregon State University.

About Hazel Technologies, Inc.:

Hazel Technologies is a USDA-funded startup company that develops new solutions to extend the quality shelf life of fresh produce and reduce food waste. Founded in 2015, Hazel Tech® services over 100 of the world’s largest fresh produce packers, shippers, and retailers. Selected as a Finalist for Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas and winner of “Best Sustainable Packaging” at the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards, the company’s patent-pending technologies have been tested by top academic research programs including UC Davis, Cornell University, and Oregon State University. In 2020, Hazel is on track to be used with over 3.2 billion pounds of fresh produce, preventing more than 270 million pounds from going to waste.
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About Zespri International Limited:

ZESPRI International Limited is the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, selling kiwifruit into more than 60 countries and managing 30% of the global volume. Zespri aims to create a worldwide, year-round supply of kiwifruit. We don’t want Zespri Kiwifruit to be something people only see on supermarket shelves for a few months each year. To do this, we’ve formed partnerships with experienced growers around the world.
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