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A way for growers to operate more safely near an animal feed lot

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The produce industry has been working on how to operate more safely near concentrated animal feeding operations or CAFOs.

The risk is that pathogens can move from animals to produce fields and sicken consumers. One of the challenges is knowing when and where to test fields, as it’s impossible to sample fields as routinely and extensively as is needed to always find the pathogens.

The most recent column from the Center for Produce Safety’s BB #:339618 Knowledge Transfer Task Force looks at this issue and even presents one solution, which is a rapid, portable, easy-to-use test that growers could administer in the field.

Jim Byron, founder of Nano Reagents, won a CPS grant for just such a product.

He explained how it works and how it is progressing toward being a product that growers can really use to run a more efficient and safe operation.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services