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Crop highlights: strong supplies abound

markon crop update 4-27

Crops are in transition in both Mexico and the United States, while many fruits and vegetables in storage still have strong supplies.

Here are some of crop highlights for the week of April 27 from Markon Cooperative BB #:123315. Blue Book has partnered with Markon to provide crop analysis from Markon’s Fresh Crop Report, which it releases each week.

-Potatoes: Idaho storage quality is strong and sizes 40-90s are abundant.

-Onions: The storage season from the Northwest is winding down, while California and Texas new crop supplies are becoming available with New Mexico expected to start in mid-May.

-Tomatoes: Mexico’s winter season is ending with Baja California crop still several weeks away, leading to lower volume. Florida’s volume has been below average but is expected to increase in the next few weeks.

-Asparagus: Supplies should be tight for the next few weeks as production moves from Baja and Mexicali, Mexico to Central Mexico.

-Strawberries: Cold and rain in Santa Maria, CA, slowed growth a month ago, which has delayed strong volume but yields should increase leading up to Mother’s Day.

-Oranges: The California navel season is winding down quickly, while new crop Valencias should start shipping this week.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services