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Demand remains strong as crops transition to desert

markon 6-23-20

California crops are winding down in Central growing areas and preparing for the desert season.

Looming in the background is an FDA report that it’s looking into two E. coli outbreaks, that have not been tied to any food products, but are similar strains to those in recent outbreaks with romaine and other leafy greens.

The past two Novembers have seen outbreaks tied to leafy greens.

As for this season, Salinas, CA-based Markon Cooperative BB #:123315 told customers this week that Salinas, area production is winding down, Huron, CA, crops are in full swing, and Arizona/California desert production will start next week and ramp up stronger volume the week of November 9.

Iceberg lettuce “prices are fairly steady but poised to rise as some Salinas Valley growers are finishing the season early,” Markon reports.

As for green leaf and other lettuce varieties, “Elevated prices are anticipated through early November. Production will begin later this week in the Arizona/California desert regions; prices will start to ease. Soilborne diseases are reducing yields.”

For romaine, “elevated markets are anticipated through early November. Production is just beginning in the Arizona/California desert regions. Soilborne diseases are reducing yields,” Markon said.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services