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Starr Ranch moves organic product from plastic to cardboard

starr ranch organic box

WENATCHEE, WA (Jan. 3, 2020) – Starr Ranch Growers BB #:113637 is extending its sustainability program with new packaging for organic apples.

The new, sustainable packaging is part of a controlled trial for Starr Ranch-sold organic Fuji apples. The next phase of the rollout will be creating packaging for all organic varieties.

The previous packaging was a plastic clamshell; the use of a corrugated box eliminates plastic. The box was designed to maximize product visibility yet still protect the fruit.

In the United States, plastic is recycled at a rate of 9 percent, so every bit of plastic reduced makes an impact on the amount going into landfills.

“Corrugated cardboard boxes are easy to recycle, and the boxes can be folded and stored for later use,” said Krista Beckstead, marketing and brand specialist.

“We want to provide the best quality product in a sustainable manner. This package is a good solution for the supply chain.”

Media Contact:
Dan Davis
Director of Business Development