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Berry season for Produce Lovers in full swing

growers union 11-12-19

PRESS RELEASE Gerardo López Gómez, Commercial VP for Produce Lovers, a brand of Growers Union, LLC, BB #:164332 Laredo, TX, said the blueberry season began beginning of October, and it will end in mid-June, and blackberry season started at the end of September and finishing by late May.

With 425 acres of conventional blueberries and 25 of organic, all located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and 100% controlled by company, expected crop is 3.5 million pounds this season.

It is important to mention that this is the first time Produce Lovers will be offering customers Jupiter and Atlas varieties. In addition to that, trials of Fall Creek’s Sekoya programme varieties will be conducted this season.

Lopez Gomez has also mentioned that construction of state of the art facility is underway and expected to be operational by mid-November. Here, blueberries will be graded, sorted and packed automatically by the most advanced BBC Machine, aiming to raise quality and shelf live of the fruit.

Regarding blackberries, season has been very challenging so far. Rainy season extended well into the end of October causing quality issues and shortage of fruit. Weather is expected to improve in November with cooler and drier days, once this happens quality and availability are expected to improve.

Berries will be marketed under Berry Lovers label and distributed in Canada, the USA, UK and Japan mainly. The company is also looking to start shipping to continental Europe and develop a strong presence.