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PBH CEO shares keys to ‘Have A Plant’ success

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak said the produce industry should feel confident its new marketing campaign will change consumer behavior and increase consumption.

After presenting the “Have A Plant” marketing plan to open the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s annual conference April 23, PBH’s CEO expanded on it, saying that changing consumer behavior will take more than a prescriptive plan of how many fruits and vegetables people should eat daily. It has to get at what inspires and motivates modern consumers.

“Behavioral science as a significant inclusion in the Have A Plant movement makes it unique,” she said. “The ‘Know-Feel-Do’ message will come out in all of our content going forward.”

She said the produce industry has always had a strong message around the health of its products, but as plant-based and healthier diets have started to gain popularity, the industry needs to control its message.

“It’s really a rallying cry for fruits and vegetables to fully own their place in that broader plant-forward movement,” she said.

She said a key all along has been to have PBH stakeholders lead and own the message, and she said the process the past year has shown that.

“PBH leadership has discussed positioning PBH as the premier thought leader on consumption to elevate fruits and vegetables as central to today’s food dialogue and elevate the industry’s voice in that dialogue and demonstrate value to produce companies and organizations,” Kapsak said.

Another part of spreading the Have A Plant message is the new influencer network, Fruit and Vegetable Ambassadors in Action, who are telling their followers about the conference, will speak at the conference, and will donate their time over the next 12 months to promote the Have A Plant brand.

“We’re thrilled to show the Ambassadors in Action,” she said. “The produce industry should feel confident in these food ambassadors who are passionate about this mission. It shows our unique proposition in reaching consumers directly.”

The annual PBH meeting runs through April 25.