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The Year Ahead: Evolving health benefits

While there have been many studies on the long-term health benefits of produce, a newer area of research is on shorter-term effects.

The Produce for Better Health Foundation, based in Brentwood, MO, began a transformation in 2018 to place more focus on these benefits.

In early 2018, PBH released the results of a study confirming what Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, PBH’s president and CEO, characterize as the “more immediate health and well-being benefits to eating fruits and vegetables—consumers who eat fruits and vegetables every day have a greater sense of life satisfaction and happiness.”

To delve deeper into this connection, PBH is working with a behavioral scientist to provide actionable resources for both consumers and retailers.

Reinhardt Kapsak notes the industry has already started capitalizing on this research, citing both fruit and vegetable marketing efforts.

“Berries are joyful,” she proclaims, “but kale is about having pride in doing something great for the health of you and your family.”


To cap an eventful 2018, Blueprints asked produce suppliers and other experts to look into their crystal balls and weigh in on the trends and issues that will be most prominent in 2019. Karen Raugust is a freelance writer who covers business topics ranging from retailing to the food industry.