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VIDEO: Produce with Pamela reviews Imperfect Produce


LEANDER, TX—San Francisco-based Imperfect Produce recently expanded to the Austin market, as I’ve seen advertised all over social media.

I’ve been curious but haven’t had the chance to order because I’m out of their delivery territory. My friend Heather ordered a large box and brought it over to the house to review.

Overall impression:

  • Is this really Imperfect enough? We thought the quality was comparable to our local grocer, H-E-B. The exception was a very under ripe papaya and some broken carrots.
  • We were both surprised (pleasantly, in that Millennial kind of way) in the simplicity of the packaging – as in, there was very little packaging. Everything was pretty much dumped in a box.
  • We liked that the boxes are customizable, but Heather found some limitations and was unable increase quantities of things like red apples.
  • It was a decent value – Heather ordered a large box, which retails for $35, and had a 50% off coupon. She received 34.2 pounds of produce total, which seemed like a bargain, but was it enough of a good bargain to continue?

That remains to be seen.

Check out the video here, from the Produce with Pamela YouTube page for Blue Book Services.



Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services. You can reach her at