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Good Company: The Power of Positivity

- Produce Blueprints

“I think a positive attitude is important for everyone to simply function better in life,” says …

Good Company: Lessons Learned

- Produce Blueprints

The adage, “one step forward, two steps back,” used by Vladimir Lenin for his 1904 book, …

Good Company: The Journey

- Produce Blueprints

When it comes to opportunity in the produce industry, many women had to fight for jobs …

Good Company: Serendipity

- Produce Blueprints

Purveyors of produce are dedicated and passionate, but few set their sights on a career in …

Good Company: A panorama of women in the industry

- Produce Blueprints
For an insightful look at a handful of female movers and shakers in fresh produce—of multiple ages and stages in their careers—read on and enjoy the series.

TIPA’s In Bloom plans networking events for women in Texas produce

- General News
MISSION, TX—Women in Texas produce have a new networking organization, In Bloom. I talked with April Flowers of Lone Star Citrus Growers about In Bloom's mission, and upcoming events.