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Good Company: The Power of Positivity

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“I think a positive attitude is important for everyone to simply function better in life,” says Suzanne Wolter, Keyes Packaging Group, Inc.’s BB #:339773 vice president of sales and marketing.

“Positivity is contagious, generally making every human interaction more pleasant. A positive attitude opens doors, it makes the disappointments more bearable, and life/work challenges more manageable. A positive attitude is so much easier than allowing yourself to carry a heavy burden of negativity.”

“Each day is what you make of it,” says Julie Lucido, president of Marketing Plus, “Having a positive attitude can help you push past barriers in your career or life goals. There are days when it’s hard, and some situations in which being positive seems impossible, but recognizing you can be brave and make that shift can be life altering.

When it comes to gender and positivity, Miriam Wolk, vice president of member services for United Fresh Produce Association, BB #:145458 says, “A positive attitude is important regardless of gender. Both men and women are encouraged to have a positive attitude, but where the difference lies is when women assert their opinion, the reaction can be negative, whereas men might get a positive response for similar behavior.”

“I think men and women communicate differently—and that’s okay,” Julie says. “At the same time, I think being a positive person is more in your nature than your gender. What makes you get back up again? Who do you keep around when you need an extra hand? I’ve been lucky in my life to have both men and women remind me to get back on the positive side of the tracks.”

“For both men and women,” says Cathy Burns, CEO of the Produce Marketing Association, BB #:153708 “a positive attitude is incredibly important as it helps set the tone for your organization or team. As leaders, we have a responsibility to model the behavior we want to see in our teams.

“I would also submit that balance is just as important as a positive attitude; balanced leaders deliver more to the bottom line than those who are not,” Cathy continues.

“Understanding how you show up (including projecting a positive attitude) every day has a powerful ripple effect. Every action either adds or diminishes value—be intentional and aware about which one you’re causing. You want to be a multiplier of value, positivity, and innovation, not a diminisher.”

This is a multi-part series adapted from a profile in the March/April 2020 issue of Produce Blueprints. 


Taryn Pfalzgraf is Senior Editorial Manager for Produce Blueprints