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Lidl’s Long Island debut affected prices more than Walmart

- Retail
Retailers on Long Island decreased prices considerably after Lidl opened new stores compared to prices collected before Lidl entered the market. The price-cutting effect was more pronounced than previous academic findings about Walmart's entry into a new market where price decreases typically varied between 1% and 2.5 % or 5% at most.

Fair Trade USA awarded $1.4 million grant from Walmart Foundation

- General News
Over the 30-month grant period, Fair Trade USA will develop and deploy a new needs assessment process and producer toolkit that will be piloted in Mexico and Colombia, key origin countries for produce and coffee crops.

Walmart’s grocery win streak continues

- Retail
While most of the coverage of Walmart’s 4th quarter earnings pointed to lower-than-expected profits, the bright spots show the retailer’s strength in grocery, particularly online grocery.

Walmart ends Jet fresh delivery in New York

- Retail

Walmart, Inc., Bentonville, AR BB #:143789 is ending its fresh food delivery service in New York …

The Produce Reporter Week in Review – November 22, 2019

- Analysis
Greg and Pamela discuss Walmart's Produce 2.0, Kroger's Infarm and Ocado plans, the ag labor bill's chances of being signed before the winter break, and Frieda Caplan's upcoming appearance on CBS Sunday Morning.

Walk through Walmart’s Produce 2.0

- Produce with Pamela
I read through the list and thought, "Hey, wait a minute. I've seen some of this already."

Kath McLay named President and CEO of Sam’s Club

- Retail
Doug McMillon, President and CEO of Walmart Inc., announces the new President and CEO of Sam’s Club.

Fresh drives ecommerce success for Walmart’s Q3

- Retail
Walmart stock hit a record high of $120.98 after the company reported a strong third quarter on November 14, and executives say fresh grocery is a big part of the success.

Walmart’s online grocery ads tout fresh produce expertise

- Analysis
As gig economy service providers like Instacart take a beating in the media lately, I’ve noticed one big change in the way Walmart is advertising its online groceries.

AmazonFresh takes huge step in competition with Walmart’s online grocery

- Retail
Watch out, Walmart. AmazonFresh is coming. The Seattle-based company is dropping the $14.99/month subscription fee for Amazon Prime members in a vast expansion of the service.