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Kalera leafy greens available in Trader Joe’s locations in Texas

- General News
Kalera, a world leader in indoor vertical farming, announces distribution of its ultra-clean, non-GMO, leafy greens to 40 Trader Joe's locations throughout Texas.

Packaging inching toward sustainable

- Retail
Prior to the pandemic, the produce industry spent a lot of time talking about more sustainable packaging options. After a break, I’m seeing retailers getting back on track with pilot initiatives for an array of different styles of packaging.

The tenacious journey of the REAL Trader Joe

- Featured
International publishing house HarperCollins Leadership is pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated book Becoming Trader Joe.

Trader Joe’s: Pandemic Woes

- Produce Blueprints
Although Trader Joe's Company, Monrovia, CA, response to the COVID-19 pandemic was proactive and nimble to protect both employees and customers, even going so far as to publicly announce its infection rate, it has not experienced the same surge in business enjoyed by others.

Trader Joe’s: Assessing the Competition

- Produce Blueprints
Aside from the charm and relaxed atmosphere, Trader Joe's Company, Monrovia, CA, is a tried and tested business model honed over six-plus decades.

Trader Joe’s: A Different Culture

- Produce Blueprints
When shoppers enter a Trader Joe's Company, Monrovia, CA, store, they know and expect it to be a unique kind of shopping experience.

Trader Joe’s: A niche in produce

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Although fresh produce was not part of Pronto Markets or the first Trader Joe’s store, it has since become an integral part of the retailer’s sales.

Trader Joe’s: Foragers and pricing

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According to Phil Lempert, Trader Joe's Company, Monrovia, CA, is also known for its “foragers”—a network of buyers across the country who look for unique products.

Trader Joe’s: Products & Lineup

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One of Trader Joe's Company founder Joseph Coulombe’s most significant ideas was the creation and proliferation of Trader Joe’s own brand, began in 1972 with granola.

Trader Joe’s: A fanciful mix of fun and food

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Visiting a Trader Joe’s store is all about discovering new items and shopping for products often not found anywhere else.