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Marketing to Gen Z successfully will pay off in many ways

- General News
Generation Z is unlike any previous generation, as generations tend to be, so marketing fresh produce to them is also different.

3 ways carbon ag matters to produce companies

- General News
Carbon agriculture is here, and there are opportunities for produce growers and companies to benefit from them. But it’s early in the process, and it’s complicated.

PMA offers Online Fresh Ideas Showcase this fall

- General News
Produce Marketing Association has announced that an Online Fresh Ideas Showcase, where companies can share their innovative products and services, will be available for buyers to see the newest flavors and solutions.

PMA cancels Fresh Summit 2021

- General News
In a video to the industry Sept. 17, Produce Marketing Association CEO Cathy Burns confirmed what many feared, that Fresh Summit 2021, will not take place as planned.

At the Organic Produce Summit, we look ahead – will there be a Fresh Summit?

- Analysis
Navigating a crowded expo floor of the Organic Produce Summit Sept. 16, the same topic came up time and again – and it wasn’t the standard “How’s the show?” Everyone wants to know the fate of the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit at the end of October.

Brands need to deliver whether private label or a company’s

- General News
Branding in the produce department is more than just a label.

PMA/United Fresh names executive committee

- General News
Future Co-CEOs Cathy Burns of Produce Marketing Association and Tom Stenzel of United Fresh have named the Executive Committee that will serve as officers for the new association.

USDA only goes part way to improve nutrition

- General News
The USDA committed billions of dollars to improve Americans’ nutrition but could do much more to ensure they buy and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Produce brands’ big opportunity for marketing to online shoppers

- General News
With the growth of online grocery shopping, produce companies have a much bigger opportunity for brand marketing at affordable levels.

Don’t be an easy victim for cybercriminals

- General News
Modern cybercriminals are as sophisticated as ever, but they’re no different than any other criminal in one way: they relish an easy victim.