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New product winners and losers: Playing the long game

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I can’t think of a company that introduces more new items to the fresh produce category than Los Angeles-based Melissa’s/World Variety Produce, Inc.

New product winners and losers: The learning process

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So, what do you do when a product flops? You certainly don’t give up.

New product winners and losers: Taking a risk

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When the Envy apple launched in 2008, New Zealand-based Turners & Growers Limited (now T&G Global) had a bold vision for its name and branding, recalls Roger Aguirre, director of apples and pears for Oppy, Vancouver, BC.

Ocean Mist announces new ‘Season & Steam’ vegetable line for Fall

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Ocean Mist Farms, the leading grower and marketer of fresh artichokes in the U.S., has the perfect fresh solution for busy families this fall with five new additions to the award-winning microwavable cut vegetable product line, Season & Steam.

New product winners and losers: Unexpected challenges

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As if launching a new product isn’t hard enough, the fickle nature of fresh produce makes hitting a moving target even more of a challenge.

New product winners and losers: Does it add value?

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With decades of innovation under its belt, Salinas, CA-based Mann Packing Company, Inc. became synonymous with innovative value-added fresh produce.

New product winners and losers: Know your core business

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Sometimes a new product innovation can be too far out of a company’s wheelhouse.

New product winners and losers: Go from idea to success

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It can be a mysterious mix of meeting the demand for a market need and timing it right. Sometimes, it’s valuable to take a hard look at what didn’t work to see a path forward.

Gold Coast Packing adds plant-based ceviche

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Innovation has always been the cornerstone of Gold Coast’s growth strategy, and the company’s newest item, Vegetable Ceviche is the first to market for a seafood substitute.

PMA Foodservice exhibitors meet labor-saving demand

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Buyers and chefs are asking for more specific specifications on products, and many times, suppliers have more efficient solutions.