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Krivanek Consulting offers new services for produce executives

- General News
Julie Krivanek, President & CEO of Krivanek Consulting, the produce industry’s top executive advisory, is proud to introduce new services to further develop and support the evolving needs of produce industry executive leaders at each stage of their careers.

PTO: Pluses and minuses

- Analysis
PTO: one of the many acronyms whose meaning I was too embarrassed to ask. Now I know: it stands for paid time off—a comparatively new concept in human resources.

Nepotism and the produce family business

- Analysis
In following the produce industry, I’ve always been impressed by the large number of family businesses and the commitment that they display.

Underperforming employees: the all-important question

- Analysis
Rachel Turner, writing in Fast Company, has an article on how to talk to an underperforming employee. It’s good advice, although it bypasses the single most important issue.

Hard work = fair treatment

- Analysis
Here’s a curious statistic: 2.5 billion of the world’s workforce would work harder if their employers treated them better, according to a study by Qualtrics XM Institute.

How to deal with politics in the workplace

- Analysis
Man, said Aristotle, is a political animal. It’s no surprise, then, that politics are seeping into all sorts of discourse—including those in the workplace.

Time to junk the performance review

- Analysis
The words “performance review” tend to evoke a visceral groan from supervisors and employees alike.

Portrait of a family business

- Analysis
Family-run businesses have their own peculiar problems. Yes, there are family members who are incompetent and are there only because they can’t get a job anywhere else. No matter how bad they may be, they are usually not fired.

Why employees quit their managers

- Analysis
I thought this article from Buzzfeed would be amusing, but it wasn’t. It was extremely sad.

Red flags in job interviews

- Analysis
If you don’t have any hilarious job interview stories, you just haven’t been in the workforce.