Drought may keep Chile fruit exports in check for 2019-2020 season

- International

During the 2019-2020 season the Association of Fruit and Exporters of Chile (ASOEX) plans to export …

Produce perspective from Jeddah

- Analysis
Success in this part of the world is in some ways no different from others. Selection of the right partner is critical.

Peru loses crown as world’s top asparagus exporter

- International
Peru lost its spot as the world’s top asparagus exporter because of phytosanitary requirements, but it has a plan to climb back.

PMA panel reveals hot trends in Southeast Asia

- General News

ANAHEIM, CA – The strengthening of the middle class in Southeast Asia has created an exceptional …

Mexican avocados: En route to 2 million tons of exports by 2030

- International
Many times called “green gold,” Mexican avocados are one of the most appreciated agricultural products in the world allowing Mexico to market more than 635,000 tons globally.

Brexit could lead to produce shortages in Britain

- International

Reassuring news for the British public about a no-deal Brexit: they’re not likely to run out …

Se espera que las importaciones de limón argentino se dupliquen en los EE.UU.

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A pesar de los problemas de clima y tamaño, Argentina espera haber duplicado sus envíos de …

Argentinian lemon imports expected to double into the U.S.

- International

Despite weather and sizing issues, Argentina expects to have doubled its lemon shipments to the United …

Peruvian fruit exports on the rise

- International

Peru’s fruit exports, which consist of fresh, frozen, canned, and juice and make up over 50 …

Colombia’s mango crisis points to infrastructure problems

- International
In Cienaga, Magdalena, Colombia, there are mountains of mangoes lining the dirt roads, rotting away without anyone being able to take them to market.