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Freight Technologies reports record capacity levels from Fr8Fleet

- General News
Freight Technologies reports a record number of active carriers in its Fr8Fleet brand at end of August 2023, an increase of 60.8% versus year-ago levels and an increase of 55.7% versus YTD average capacity levels through August.

Explaining overcapacity in the trucking market

- Featured
Truck rates are low, which has led to the conclusion that trucking capacity is too high.

Rail strike averted, but problems remain

- Analysis
After a cooling-off period ordered by the Biden administration, railway companies and workers reached a five-year agreement in mid-September that would extend back to 2020. But not all rank-and-file members have agreed to this measure. And if all of the parties do not sign on, it’s back to the possibility of a rail strike.

The Produce Reporter Week in Review: June 21, 2019

- Produce with Pamela
Greg and Pamela discuss Uber's new freight plans, the Center for Produce Safety's Research Symposium and a hot market for California Avocados. Memes, cats, dogs and avocados -- what else could you ask for?