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Farming is anything but transitory

- Analysis
The financial press has reported that Chair of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, has used the term, transitory, to describe how long inflation might last. It appears that based on his testimony in front of a Congressional committee on Nov. 30, his thinking regarding the question of how long inflation might last has changed—from transitory to longer-lasting.

Produce prices rising faster than other food

- General News
Today's Consumer Price Index shows a monthly rise of 0.8 percent in April and 4.2 percent year over year. Food rose 0.4 percent in April, but fruits and vegetables were up 0.8 percent, led by fresh fruits' increase of 1.5 percent in the month.

Study shows critical role of food and ag sectors in feeding economy during pandemic

- General News
Over the past year, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has served as a reminder of the critical role that the United States food and agriculture industries still play in a resilient food supply chain, fueling our nation and ensuring that Americans are supplied with an abundance of safe food during this time of need.

Organic blueberries hold strong prices

- Produce Blueprints

Another important trend in the blueberry market is rising demand for organic. Not surprisingly, organic blueberry …

Blueberry demand rises outside U.S.

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Just as blueberry consumption continues to rise in the U.S. market, the flavor, versatility, and healthful …

More blueberries grown worldwide

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Average annual blueberry production, in tons, has continued to climb for both domestic and global producers. …

Blueberries heavily influenced by supply and demand

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Blueberries are very sensitive to supply variations. The lowest prices occur in June and July. In …

Trucks represent majority of blueberry shipments

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Most U.S. domestic blueberry supply is shipped weekly through California, Oregon, and Washington. The first part …

Blueberry seasonality overview

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In the United States, the high season for blueberries (highbush or conventional) is from May to …

Assessing the state of the global blueberry market

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As blueberry consumption continues to rise, producers around the world try to keep up with demand. …