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Produce Supply.Org releases cybersecurity guidance for produce suppliers

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ProduceSupply.Org (PSO), a consortium of North America’s leading produce suppliers working together on technology initiatives in fresh produce, announced today it has released the first revision of the PSO Cybersecurity Best Practices for Produce Suppliers to provide produce companies with a framework to defend and protect themselves from cyberattack.

5 cyber insurance trends to watch

- Analysis
As many businesses across the produce industry have learned, cyber insurance premiums are soaring, with some estimates of increases of 50% or more, according to infosec experts and vendors.

Cybersecurity: Insurance policies

- Produce Blueprints
A zero-trust system, as well as other mitigation measures, can also lower cyber-insurance premiums.

Cybersecurity: Mitigation measures

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There are many ways to prevent cybercrime—including tools, resources, best practices, and policies—that will help mitigate risks, experts point out.

Cybersecurity: Rising incidences

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Though cybercrime isn’t always in the news, it’s a significant problem and getting worse.

Cybersecurity: Ransom attacks

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The second and third paths of cybercrime attacks noted by Greg Gatzke, president of ZAG Technical Services, involve ransomware—one by encryption and the other through the release of confidential information.

Make cybersecurity personal

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While much has been written about this highly charged matter of cybersecurity, our feature attempts to bring clarity to the issues that make punching keys on a computer so important.

Cybersecurity: Avoid financial fraud

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Risks of fraud lurk around businesses of all types and sizes, according to Greg Gatzke, president of ZAG Technical Services, Inc., a San Jose, CA-based IT consulting firm and managed services provider.

Cybersecurity: Produce companies must protect data as they protect food

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Data breaches no longer are so far flung and rare that they only happen to somebody else.

Cybersecurity: A concern that won’t go away

- Analysis
An article in Industry Week asks whether the war in Ukraine will increase the number of Russian cyberattacks on American companies. The answer is yes.