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ProduceIQ: Once again, Avocados fly close to the sun

- General News
The swing of Spring is well underway and much of the fresh produce industry is transitioning to new harvesting regions. Though prices broadly are flat, volume continues to accelerate as spring crops begin harvest.

Southeast growers testify in ITC hearing on cucumber, squash imports

- General News
FFVA's statement on the ITC's hearing on the effect of imports on the U.S. cucumber and squash industries, with a focus on the U.S. Southeast.

The force of Easter is powerful, rising markets

- Analysis
The theme for the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure event this week, “The rise of produce,” captures the current state of produce markets wonderfully.

ProduceIQ: A tale of two markets – retail vs. foodservice

- General News
Most fruits, berries, and “hardware” (carrots, table-stock potatoes) are outperforming historic averages. These categories are benefiting from both increased retail volume and the USDA box programs.

U.S. ITC to investigate imports of cucumbers and squash

- General News
The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) is seeking input for two new general factfinding investigations on the effects of imported cucumbers and imported squashes on the U.S. seasonal cucumber and squash markets.

Florida-grown vegetable price rise could go through winter holidays

- Analysis
The tropical storm that hit Florida in November and damaged crops could have lasting effects on vegetable markets.

Prices jump on Florida-grown commodities

- Analysis
Homestead, FL, was directly impacted by Tropical Storm Eta with heavy wind and rain. As a result, Tomatoes, Beans, Cucumbers and Squash, all commodities grown in Homestead, experienced a major jump in price.

Review: Nature Fresh compostable cuke wraps

- Produce with Pamela
Have we found a compromise between shelf life and plastic?

Nature Fresh Farms launches home-compostable cucumber wrap

- General News
An alternative to traditional polyethylene plastic, this film is an environmentally friendly compostable wrap that breaks down in a household compost without leaving behind microplastics.

Volatile cucumber market sees big volume

- General News
Consumer demand for cucumbers remains high as evidenced by the significant volume growth this year compared to prior years.