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Aldi releases 2023 fan favorite products

- Retail
For the 5th year, ALDI, one of America's fastest-growing grocers, released its annual Fan Favorites survey and asked customers to share which products hold the top spot in their hearts and carts.

Survey shows consumers fear recession, yet remain optimistic about finances

- General News
Many consumers are in a financial conundrum. The latest TransUnion Consumer Pulse study found that 44% of Americans believe the U.S. economy is in a recession or will be by the end of June. Three in four consumers (75%) believe a recession will occur by the end of 2023.

FMI: Grocery shoppers expand perception of value beyond price

- General News
The latest survey of grocery shoppers by FMI – The Food Industry Association for its U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends 2023 series, reveals that the meaning of “good value” is becoming more complex as consumers navigate grocery aisles.

Grocery shopper trends report shows price concerns lessening

- General News
A survey of grocery shoppers’ spending habits and attitudes by FMI – The Food Industry Association, conducted by The Hartman Group, reveals that while U.S. shoppers remain concerned about rising food prices, consumers are less likely to cut back on the number of items they purchase.

FMI’s Power of Produce 2023 explores changing buying habits

- General News
FMI – The Food Industry Association today released the Power of Produce 2023 report at the Southeast Produce Council’s annual Southern Exposure event, revealing produce department sales grew 4.8% to $74.5 billion in 2022 even as inflation increased the price of fruits and vegetables.

Report shows grocery shoppers will switch brands for coupons or discounts

- General News
Inmar Intelligence, a leading data platform company, recently released its 2023 Spring Trends Guide, which shows that incentives — along with a supporting omnichannel media strategy — will be crucial to success for brands that want to win shopper dollars this spring.

Study shows younger shoppers more concerned with food inflation

- General News
61% of consumers are concerned about their financial situations, with Millennials and Gen X being the most worried, and Boomers the least. To navigate these pressures, almost half (44%) of consumers say they are reducing their overall spending; an increase from 33% of respondents who said the same in November 2020.

Technomic releases 2023 foodservice trend predictions for Canada 

- General News
Technomic released its latest Canada foodservice trends forecast, What We Foresee for 2023, sharing predictions for the upcoming year, as well as the 2023 Global Restaurant Trend Forecast, which dives into trends on a global scale.

Study shows 1/3 of consumers will change holiday grocery shopping this year due to inflation

- General News
Consumers are faced with the harsh reality of paying more to get less at the grocery store this holiday season.

Technomic releases 2023 trend predictions for the U.S. foodservice industry

- General News
Technomic released its latest U.S. whitepaper, What We Foresee for 2023, sharing its foodservice industry trend predictions for the upcoming year.