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Cherry exports up 75% in Chile, so far for the 2019-2020 season

- International
Chilean cherry exports are up significantly over last season, but China takes the bulk of the crop.

Chilean social unrest hasn’t disrupted exports – yet

- General News
NEW YORK – The social unrest in Chile so far hasn’t disrupted fresh produce growing and exporting.

Chilean cherries’ influence rises

- General News
Cherries are the most prominent product of the season from Chile, and China continues to be the main purchaser.

Chilean Blueberry Committee elects president

- General News
During the Board session of the Chilean Blueberry Committee meeting held earlier this month, Felipe Silva, General Manager of Zurgoup, was unanimously elected as the new Committee President. This follows the departure of Felipe Juillerat, formerly of Hortifruit.

A look at Latin trade associations – Chile

- Produce Blueprints

Santiago-based Fedefruta is a private entity, founded in 1985 by Chilean fruit producers. Growers were looking …

Chilean blueberry exports expected to grow again this season

- General News

PRESS RELEASE SAN CARLOS, CA (October 1, 2019) Chilean fresh blueberry exports are expected to grow …

Chile drought to affect late season fruit exports

- International

The drought in Chile continues, and it is now expected to affect more regions and more …

Chilean Avocados Importers Association launches digital calendars

- General News
Avocados are well known for being a staple in many American households, but now avocado lovers can take their favorite ingredient with them digitally. The Chilean Avocado Importers Association (CAIA) has kicked off a fun and fresh digital campaign in advance of its peak US selling season. 

Chilean kiwifruit hits peak season

- General News

PRESS RELEASE August 21, 2019. The first-ever North American marketing campaign for the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee …

Avocado growth in Latin America

- International

As avocados grow in popularity across the world, several Latin American countries continue to rise in …