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Chilean stone fruit forecast for 15% volume increase

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January 25, 2024 — The Frutas de Chile BB #:154283 Stone Fruit Committee has released a new estimate for this season, including Nectarines, Japanese Plums, European Plums, and Peaches.

Forty-four companies, representing 84% of Chile’s global stone fruit exports last season, contributed to the estimate.

The stone fruit industry projects total overall exports of 35,330,388 boxes, a 15% increase over last season.

Estimates for specific categories are as follows:

11.5 million 8 kg boxes; 13% growth from last season.
Strong growth in white-flesh nectarines; projected increase of 26%, representing 60% of total nectarine volume.
Yellow-flesh nectarine volume expected to decline by two percent, reaching 40% of total nectarine volume.

Japanese Plums
13 million 7 kg equivalent boxes; 16% growth from last season.
Red plums are expected to grow by seven percent and black plums by fifteen percent.

European Plums – Sugar Plums – D’Agen (exported primarily to Asia):
8 million 9 kg boxes; 23% growth from last season.

2.8 million 8 kg boxes, a decrease of one percent compared to last season.

The Stone Fruit Committee just launched a retail-focused marketing campaign in the U.S., working with retailers nationwide to drive sales of nectarines and plums.

Comments Karen Brux, North America Managing Director of Frutas de Chile, “There are significant opportunities for retailers to build winter stone fruit sales. We’re developing in-store radio ads, demo programs, digital coupons, online videos, and other tactics to showcase nectarines and plums’ great flavor and nutrition.”

Promotions are ongoing and will continue into April.

Karen Brux
Frutas De Chile N. A.
(650) 218-5061