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ProduceIQ: Unseasonably high produce prices remain

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While the back-to-school season is usually marked by rejoicing parents and low summer produce prices, extreme weather is forcing some unlikely commodities to pull average prices to a ten-year high.

ProduceIQ: Heat hogs headline for the third week in a row

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About 85 million Americans are abiding triple-digit temperatures across the U.S. Unfortunately for growers, much of the heat is also plaguing parts of the continent actively supplying fresh produce.

ProduceIQ: Glorious spuds have never been more expensive

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At $28, an 80-count Russet potato market continues to be 60 percent higher than prior years. And unfortunately for potato lovers, pricey spuds aren’t anything new.

ProduceIQ: Demand softens as summer heat kicks on

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Overall produce prices are running below average. Down another -5 percent, prices are contradicting historical norms for week #19

Ocean Mist Farms Brussels sprouts available now for holiday season

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Ocean Mist Farms Brussels sprouts are currently headed into the peak fall crop, just in time to meet shopper demand during the busy holiday season.

ProduceIQ: A few ‘buys’ open before Mother’s Day

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In produce terms, it's OK to pay a little more for quality product. Due to warmer spring temperatures, fresh produce markets across the country are beginning to benefit from wonderful produce at fair prices.

ProduceIQ: Market in havoc after border inspections

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Border restrictions in Texas, a fire at a major lettuce packing facility in Salinas, and a late snowstorm in the Northwest are all putting the industry on edge.

ProduceIQ: Prices rise for New Year celebrations

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Produce markets ended 2021 with a bang. Despite facing headwinds in the form of spiking Covid-19 cases and extremely high freight rates, overall prices followed an increasing trend for the last two weeks of 2021.

Higher Brussels sprout volume finds strong demand

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Brussels sprouts’ volume is up significantly from last year, but prices have shown no weakness.

Oceanside Pole ushers in Brussels Sprouts, tomatoes for 2020 season

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Setting the stage for another outstanding vine-ripe tomato season, Oceanside Pole is currently offering high quality, and highly anticipated Brussels sprouts.