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When Life Is A Highway

With seismic changes predicted in interstate shipping, it’s critical to attract good drivers and keep them happy. What does job satisfaction mean at a time when the very nature of the job is changing? Read More

Conflicting Temperatures and Cool Control

The Problem: Temperature readings from the reefer download and portable recorders conflict.

The Key Point: Carriers are expected to provide temperature control throughout the trailer. Read More

A Plethora of Produce Trade

An internationally popular city with a growing and diverse ethnic population, Toronto boasts one of the top terminal markets in North America. Read More

Connecting the Data

There is an entire generation of digital natives who can’t imagine a world without the Internet, smartphones, or 24/7 connectivity. But it was just 26 years ago that a computer scientist unveiled the ultimate network, which he dubbed the World Wide Web, and made it available to the general public. Read More

Finding Hidden Savings

By its nature, fresh produce is a difficult business; product availability is impacted by weather and seasonality, sales volume is driven by fickle customers, and price is fungible. Read More

Commerce & Camaraderie

Toronto is currently paired with four “partnership” and six “friendship” cities. While partnership cities are chosen by city officials with a focus on economic growth, friendship cities are suggested by the community and endorsed by a member of the Toronto City Council. Read More

Traveling At High Speed

Technology rushes by at lightspeed these days: first, there were tests for platooning, then there’s the race to get self-driving trucks on the road, followed by an Uber-like driver service for shippers. Read More