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    The Mid-Atlantic Bounty of Maryland

    Maryland’s busy trade encompasses the entire supply chain with all its ups and downs. In this highly populated area, trading is brisk and provides a setting for opportunities and business lessons learned no matter how your company functions.


    Timelines Of Notice and Inspection

    The following summary of a reparation decision issued under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) is intended to help companies understand their rights and responsibilities under PACA. The key facts and core reasoning used to decide the case are presented.


    A New Day

    Everybody is talking about electronic logging devices (ELDs) and their impact on shipping and delivery, especially when it comes to perishables. Although the wiggle room enjoyed with manual logs may seem anachronistic in our digital world, it’s fair to question whether ELDs will really make shipping any safer.


    Organic Options

    Just fifteen years ago, organic products were generally overlooked in the food industry. Occasionally, a handful of organic vegetables or fruit would make an appearance in a tucked-away corner of the supermarket or on a small restaurant’s menu, but most were found at farmers’ markets or in pricey specialty stores.


    Mexico’s North American Lineup

    Mexican fruit and vegetable exports are soaring to record levels to meet demand from American and Canadian receivers. As the top supplier of fresh produce to the United States and the second largest source for Canada, we take a look at how and why this flow of shipments continues to climb as millions of tons stream across the border each year.


    All About Asparagus

    Want to know more about asparagus? Find it here—from growing aspects and varieties to price patterns, consumer buying habits, and much more. With this gourmet vegetable continuing to drive wholesale and retail demand, this report details everything you need to successfully grow, ship, and market this commodity.