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Taste Of Chicago

It may not be a landmark tourists can flock to like the Museum of Science and Industry or the Shedd Aquarium, but the Windy City’s wholesale terminal—the Chicago International Produce Market (CIPM)—is an institution in the Midwestern produce industry. Read More

Plenty Of Blame To Go Around

The Problem: High levels of condition defects.

The Key Point: The shipper and carrier must work together to deliver good produce. Read More

At Your Service

In the Credit & Finance department’s article “Detecting Distressed Businesses” we learn about various indicators of an impending negative event. Several of these symptoms, like slow pay or high employee turnover, can be monitored by members through weekly Credit Sheet reports, or daily postings within Blue Book Online Services at Read More

Tex-Appeal: Part II

Read Part I

Wholesale Market Scene
Despite its vast size, Texas has only a handful of sizeable terminal markets to serve wholesalers and distributors. Read More

A Culture of Change

The adage that “the only constant is change” is certainly true today. Acquisitions, mergers, global trade alliances, and consolidation are all creating a “culture of change.”

During my time at Walmart, we are most often remembered for rapidly expanding the Supercenter format. Read More

Tex-Appeal: Part I

With rampant growth, Texas is not only one of the nation’s more demographically diverse states, but it is full of surprises. Read More