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A Good Arrival Quiz

The warranty of suitable shipping condition, often simply referred to as “good arrival” or “good delivery,” is unique to the produce industry. Read More

Three Big Issues for 2017…and What They Mean

There are going to be a significant number of issues that concern the produce industry in 2017. Here are a few I think will have the biggest impact on the marketplace. Read More

Opportunity and The Three Cs

Three emerging markets in Central and South America allow companies in the United States and Canada to source key commodities and exotic produce year-round. Read More

Mixing It Up In Montreal & Quebec

Before Montreal and Quebec City became the two largest urban centers in Quebec, these areas in the St. Lawrence River Valley were particularly well-suited to growing corn, beans, and squash. Read More

At Your Service

Food safety has been a topic of conversation for many years and remains so. This quarter’s Blueprints supplement includes “Game Changers Make A Splash” about the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs and how they impact importers. Read More