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    Not Apples to Apples

    The following case study is based on a claim filed with Blue Book Services. The facts described below set up an interesting but not uncommon type of dispute between a truck broker and a wholesaler, with a shipment arriving at destination one or two days late with defects marginally in excess of those set forth by the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) and its Good Arrival Guidelines.


    The Western Expanse

    Canada continues to reinvigorate the perishables trade from coast to coast and well beyond. Growers are developing new varieties and using more high-tech tools, and distributors are packing and shipping fruits and vegetables to the far corners of the world.


    At Your Service

    Blueprints tackles longevity in two articles this edition: our second feature explores the secrets to success for multigenerational companies, while Retail Reflections examines lessons learned from key players in the produce industry, several of which are proud Blue Book Trading Members.


    Alamo Abundance

    Until fairly recently, the Alamo City was considered a charming if somewhat sleepy city. But this has changed—San Antonio is now the second largest city in Texas, edging out Dallas to come in behind Houston. Better yet, it has become a favored conduit for produce shipments to the Midwest and East Coast.


    Damages vs. windfalls

    The Problem: Calculating damages when the shipment is not received.

    The Key Point: When assessing damages, the unpaid cost of the freight must be credited to the carrier even when the shipment is rejected or the carrier fails to deliver.


    Standing the Test of Time

    What does it take to make a business last? To not just survive but thrive like a great Sequoia tree? To exist long enough to pass the baton to a new generation of management? Is it luck, product mix, or adhering to a strategic vision that propels some businesses to long-term success?