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CPMA welcomes Loblaw’s support for Canada’s Grocery Code of Conduct

canada code of conduct

May 17, 2024- Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) BB #:153602 is pleased with Loblaw Companies Limited’s BB #:138169 announcement to support Canada’s Grocery Code of Conduct (the Code).

The Code was created to promote transparency and fair dealing as products move across the supply chain from suppliers to stores to Canadian homes.

Its objectives include:

  • Contributing to a thriving and competitive grocery industry.
  • Promoting reciprocal trust and collaboration amongst grocery value chain partners based on
    clear standards for fair dealing.
  • Allowing all parties governed by the Code to make informed business decisions in a context of
    commercial certainty, governed by clear agreements.
  • Providing an effective, equitable mechanism for resolving commercial disputes.

“We welcome the news that Loblaw has agreed to participate in the Grocery Code of Conduct,” said Michael Graydon, Chair of the Grocery Code of Conduct Interim Board. “Within a very complex food system, the vision for the Code has always been based on a fully inclusive, voluntary Code, developed by the grocery industry and managed by its stakeholders across the supply chain. Today’s announcement by Loblaw brings us one step closer to the implementation of the Code as we continue to work with all industry partners to ensure we have maximum participation.”

“We are delighted that Loblaw has committed to be part of this Code,” added Ron Lemaire, CPMA President. “As a founding member of the initial Working Group struck to develop the code and member of the new Interim Board, CPMA has been actively collaborating with all stakeholders in the Code’s development and will continue to do so to support its implementation across the supply chain.”

The Code’s development, initiated by the Federal-Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Agriculture, has been a collaborative effort involving retailers, processors, and manufacturers. This collaborative approach ensures that the Code supports small stakeholders and the industry, recognizing the complexities of the Canadian grocery market. To learn more about Canada’s Grocery Code of Conduct, visit

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