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Superfresh Growers video celebrates Farmworker Awareness Week

superfresh farmworker video

Yakima, WA – March 25, 2024 Superfresh Growers BB #:113721 launched a video interview to celebrate National Farmworker Awareness week. The video highlights the essential and yet often overlooked contribution of farmworkers.

Superfresh Growers interviewed farm manager Claudio Villalobos to hear firsthand his perspective on agricultural work. He discusses the time and care he puts in to make sure his team of farmworkers understand their importance, not just to him but the whole company.

Claudio continues by sharing his own stark reality of being misjudged in the community by going to the bank or doctor’s office with dirty boots straight from the farm. “I’ve seen it, where as soon as we’re done working, we receive weird looks for wearing dirty shoes… They don’t stop and think of the value [the farmworkers] bring…that they can buy apples…and other foods because [of farmworkers].”

Claudio’s comments serve as a reminder of the skill, hard work, and dedication embedded in every piece of fruit that we enjoy. Every time we enjoy a fresh bite of a crispy apple, a deliciously baked cherry pie, or a refreshing blueberry drink, we’re enjoying the labor of countless farmworkers who play an essential role in our food supply chain.

Superfresh Growers is committed to celebrating and supporting our farmworkers, not just during this week but all year round. We want to ensure their voices are heard, and their stories are told. Farmworkers are the backbone of the agricultural industry, yet their contributions are often overlooked by those outside of the farms.

Let this week be a call to recognize and actively celebrate the well-being of the hands that feed us. It’s about transforming gratitude into action, ensuring the sustainability of our food systems and the dignity of those who sustain them.

To farmworkers around the world, thank you.

Catherine Gipe-Stewart | Director of Marketing |