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North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission celebrates National Sweetpotato Month

North Carolina Sweet Potatoes logo with naturally healthy slogan.

Benson, N.C., March 5, 2024 – The North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission (NCSPC) BB #:156017, made up of 300 sweetpotato growers along with packers, processors, and business associates celebrated National Sweetpotato Month with an influencer campaign and mat release launch.

The Commission promotes increasing sweetpotato purchases and consumption in key markets nationwide.

“National Sweetpotato Month is all about showcasing how our beloved vegetable is great for any reason, any season,” stated Michelle Grainger, executive director of the NCSPC stated. “Sweetpotatoes truly are a person’s best friend and make the perfect addition to any plate. Through our digital marketing efforts consumers can get more recipe inspiration that will encourage them to incorporate this vegetable into their daily meal regime making any meal a moment to remember.”

Michelle Grainger

According to Retail Touch Points, 76% of consumers buy products seen on social media posts. With influencers having the power to create trends in the food sector, they are a no brainer when it comes to including them in efforts to highlight sweetpotatoes as a nutritious and delicious superfood meant to be the star on any plate.

The influencer campaign highlighted food influencers who span a wide range of categories meant to attract both Gen-Z and Millennial consumers. Creators include mothers, dietitians, college students, authors, recipe developers and more – all creating content that is unique and eye-catching, featuring trending ingredients and music and helpful tips and trivia. The campaign has garnered over 184,000 impressions and counting.

Additionally, a TV segment featuring National On-Air Food & Nutrition Expert Mia Syn aired live on ABC Tampa highlighting fun and easy recipes featuring sweetpotatoes for Valentine’s Day meal preparations. The segment featured this popular vegetable’s health benefits and paired it with complementary foods.

“As we dive deeper into the digital world, it is vital that we continue to make connections with consumers in different ways,” continued Grainger. “We know that online shopping will continue to grow; with traditional platforms offering recipe content and shoppable links, we can become instrumental in the way consumers incorporate sweetpotatoes into their diets when we offer more digital resources.”

A video mat release featuring a fan favorite breakfast dish circulated around media outlets across the country. In selecting the recipe, the Commission focused on showcasing sweetpotatoes as providing long lasting energy – making it the perfect vegetable to grill, cook, bake, or sauté.

And finally, to increase visibility and awareness, the Commission sent care packages to North Carolina state representatives in Washington DC. The packages included fresh sweetpotatoes and recipe cards, along with a sweetpotato fact sheet and was promoted on social media by Representative Greg Murphy of the Third Congressional District of North Carolina.

“Our goal is to show the versatility of sweetpotatoes to all generations, ethnicities, and palates,” concluded Grainger. “By working with a diversity of content creators, we are driving awareness to create digital and in-store impulse purchases during National Sweetpotato Month – a period dedicated to bragging all about our state vegetable and its delectable flavor and attributes – and beyond.”