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NC Sweetpotato Commission celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

nc sweet potato hispanic heritage cookbook

“Sweet Celebrations” eCookbook and Influencer Campaign Launch

Benson, N.C., September 22, 2023 – The North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission (NCSPC), made up of 400 sweetpotato growers along with packers, processors, and business associates announces the launch of their new e-cookbook Sweet Celebrations: Hispanic Heritage Month. The promotion is a tribute to the Hispanic community whose vibrant cultures and traditions have intertwined with sweetpotatoes from both a cultivation as well as culinary cuisine throughout much of history.

“Sweetpotatoes feature a unique and versatile flavor profile that pairs well with common spices and ingredients used in Latin dishes,” Michelle Grainger, executive director of the NCSPC stated. “Their versality, ease of use, and exceptional flavor makes this vegetable a fan favorite amongst consumers. Americans enjoy a melting pot of flavors with many dishes that have been influenced by a variety of cultures. We were excited to highlight authentic Latin dishes during Hispanic Heritage Month. ”

According to recent data, 25% of Hispanics accounted for sweetpotato purchases in the United States as of 2022. With 30% of Southern consumers contributing to buyer behavior, this comes as no surprise considering there is a concentration of the Hispanic community across the southern territories of the US. Sweetpotatoes feature nutritious benefits and are high in fiber and vitamin A, making the superfood a staple in many households.

With 12 Latin-inspired recipes ranging from appetizers to hot and alcoholic beverages, the cookbook also features tips on handling and cooking sweetpotatoes and educational tricks for home cooked meals and entertaining. The cookbook is available for download here and is perfect for holiday planning and of course, celebrating the rich Hispanic heritage.

“We are delighted to play a vital role in honoring the Hispanic community and to further inspire all consumers to integrate this superfood into their weekly meals,” continued Grainger. “Our beloved state vegetable may have originated in South America, however it has been a traditional staple in many dishes across numerous cultures. Through our selection of recipes consumers will have the chance to create their own culinary journey and take their cooking skills to the next level .”

In addition to the cookbook, NCSPC is partnering with two Hispanic influencers creating sweetpotato recipes and reels which will be featured on multiple platforms during Hispanic heritage month. All recipes will be available on for consumers to re-create.

“We at the Commission are dedicated to creating the tools and providing resources that help educate consumers on how this superfood can be enjoyed on any occasion and by anyone,” concluded Grainger. By partnering with dietitians and recipe creators we are providing opportunities to help drive in-store sales and gain consumer interest at the retail level. Our motto is simply Any Reason, Any Season!”

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About the North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission 
Founded in 1961 the North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission is a nonprofit corporation made up of over 400 sweetpotato producers, along with the packers and business associates that support them. The NCSPC is committed to supporting its growers and increasing sweetpotato consumption through education, promotional activities, research, and honorable horticultural practices among its producers.   

Did you know… Sweetpotato is one word? Details can be found here.  

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