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Peruvian mango exports to North America fall dramatically

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From week 36 to week 5 of the current Peruvian mango campaign, export shipments have dropped 74 percent, reaching 42,017 tons and an export value of $92.7 million, as reported by Agraria, based on a report prepared by Luisa Fernanda Saavedra, commercial manager of QC Fresh Fruit LLC.

Headshot of Marco Campos, Produce Blue Book's media coordinator for Latin America.

The report points out that, classified by region, shipments of Peruvian mangos fell by 73 percent in Europe (which has a 49 percent market share); while in North America the drop is 76 percent (45 percent participation); in Asia the decrease is 67 percent (4 percent market share); in Latin America it falls 51 percent (1 percent participation); in Oceania 71 percent (0.4 percent share) and in the Middle East, 77 percent (0.2 percent share).

The region that has accumulated the most purchase value so far in the campaign has been Europe, with purchases of $50.1 million. North America follows with $32.1 million; Asia with $7.8 million; Latin America with $1.9 million; Middle East with $389,500 and Oceania with $385,500.

Finally, the report states that 91.4 percent of shipments come from mangoes from the Piura region. Much further back, Áncash participates with 5.8 percent; and with 2.8 percent, Lambayeque.


Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services