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CA Table Grape Commission names director of content

California Table Grape Commission Final Logo

Fresno, CA – Increasing its commitment to expand the reach of its global marketing campaign, the California Table Grape Commission (commission) BB #:153597 named Nick Nakashian as Director of Content Development.

Headshot of Nick Nakashian, Director of Content Development
Nick Nakashian, Director of Content Development

Nakashian joined the commission in October 2019 and in July 2022, was promoted to Assistant Director of Marketing, Content Development and Analysis. In his new role, Nakashian will direct the development of content for a global target audience, focusing on messages to increase awareness and motivate purchase of California table grapes.

“A growing global campaign requires high-quality, motivating content to reach multiple audiences,” said Kathleen Nave, commission president. “Nick will guide development and delivery of just that kind of content,” Nave said. “We are lucky to have Nick on the table grape team. He cares deeply about making a difference to table grape growers through the work the commission does on their behalf.”