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Bee Sweet releases Heirloom Navel oranges


 FOWLER, Calif., – Heirloom Navels are back at Bee Sweet Citrus, BB #:123033 further expanding the company’s portfolio of winter citrus varieties.

“Bee Sweet’s Heirloom Navels are a testament to the hard work our growers have poured into cultivating high quality citrus,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Director of Harvesting and Grower Relations Randy Stucky. “They definitely set the bar for excellence due to their high brix levels and sweet flavor.”

Heirloom Navels are a selection of California’s oldest and most established Navel varieties and are typically grown on blocks of well-aged trees. The fruit from these blocks have above-average brix levels and are only harvested once they’ve reached peak maturity.

“Every time shoppers purchase Bee Sweet’s Heirloom Navels, they can be sure that they are getting exceptional fruit,” added Bee Sweet Citrus Director of Communications Monique Mueller. “The work of our farm and production teams, coupled with the technology of our Brix machines, guarantees customers high quality fruit every time they turn to our brand.”

Bee Sweet’s Heirloom Navels are packaged in high-graphic cartons and matching 3- and 4- pound bags. The company also has Navel Oranges, Mandarins, Lemons, Meyer Lemons, Pummelos, Grapefruit, Cara Cara Oranges, Royal Red Oranges and Minneola Tangelos as part of its diverse citrus line.

For more information regarding Heirloom Navels or Bee Sweet’s variety availability, please call a sales representative at 559-834-4200 or visit

A grower, packer and shipper of premium California citrus, Bee Sweet Citrus is a leader in today’s agriculture industry. Founded in 1987, Bee Sweet Citrus is a family owned and operated company and provides approximately 10 different citrus varieties to its consumers! Located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, Bee Sweet is focused on innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction.