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Sev-Rend expands perforating capabilities



Collinsville, IL (January 03, 2024) – Celebrating 30 years in business, Sev-Rend BB #:158288 is continuing to grow its presence in produce packaging with the addition of inline hot needle micro perforating and in-register macro-perforating capabilities. Sev-Rend is a vertically integrated company providing customers with the highest level of product quality and safety, short lead times, providing training and data analytics, and a true vision on sustainability. All our packs are customizable to meet your perforation pattern and holes size specifications for all fruit and vegetable packs.

This investment adds to our current perforating capabilities and expands our offerings for perforated flow wrap, form fill and seal and lidding films. Hot needle perforations are ideal for microwavable, steamable packaging that helps your customers have dinner on the table in minutes!

Darren Harvey, Sev-Rend Product Development Manager, added, “We strongly believe that our customers success translates to our success. It’s really that simple…rather than having a one size fits all mentality, we understand that successful product and packaging development is a partnership. We listen to our customers, make sure we have a clear understanding of their needs, and work together to create the right solution for them. “

Whatever your packaging needs are we have a line of products perfectly suited to create a high-performance solution just for you. For more information on micro and macro perforating capabilities, please email us at

About Sev-Rend

Sev-Rend is the leader in North America for innovative packaging, tag and label application, and high-performance flexible packaging. We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to achieve total customer satisfaction through unmatched lead times, product innovation, production efficiency, product consistency, and a complete devotion to quality.

For more information visit our website at: Sustainable and High Performance Packaging Solutions | Sev-Rendmicro-perforating or email us at