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Bee Sweet offers specialty citrus for New Year

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FOWLER, Calif., – Bee Sweet Citrus BB #:123033 has an assortment of specialty citrus varieties available for shoppers aiming to incorporate fresh produce into their New Year’s resolutions.

“Every winter, shoppers flock to produce aisles looking for fresh ingredients to implement into their new, health-focused resolutions,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Director of Communications Monique Mueller. “At Bee Sweet Citrus, we have an assortment of winter citrus varieties that will entice shoppers to utilize citrus in their meals and try something new.”

Right now, Bee Sweet Citrus has Navel Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit, Meyer Lemons and Mandarins available for its customers. The company also has an assortment of specialty citrus varieties such as Pummelos, Cara Cara Oranges and Royal Red Oranges available for the season. All varieties have diverse flavor profiles, making them an excellent fit for different shoppers and their unique lifestyles.

“In addition to the nutritional benefits that citrus offers, our customers can capitalize on upcoming holidays, such as Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, to market the citrus category,” continued Mueller. “During the Chinese New Year, Pummelos are often consumed for good luck, and the pink and reddish hues of our Cara Caras and Royal Red Oranges are perfect for vibrant Valentine’s Day meals and desserts.”

Right now, the quality and flavor of Bee Sweet’s winter citrus line is nothing short of excellent. The company has also started shipping Heirloom Navels and Minneola Tangelos, offering customers a wide array of varieties packed under one roof.

For more information regarding the company’s available citrus varieties, please call a Bee Sweet Citrus sales representative at 559-834-4200 or visit

A grower, packer and shipper of premium California citrus, Bee Sweet Citrus is a leader in today’s agriculture industry. Founded in 1987, Bee Sweet Citrus is a family owned and operated company and provides approximately 10 different citrus varieties to its consumers! Located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, Bee Sweet is focused on innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction.