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Honeybear promotes late-season EverCrisp apples


Elgin, Minn., January 4, 2024 –  Honeybear Brands, a leading grower, packer, shipper, and developer of premium apples, is delighting retailers and shoppers with its growing supply of the late season EverCrisp variety. 

With a robust Fall apple season in the rear-view mirror, EverCrisp provides key differentiators in the late season apple market that appeals to year ‘round fruit enthusiasts.

“EverCrisp provides shoppers a crisp, delicious apple in winter months and beyond that keep consumers shopping the apple category long after other variety sales flatten,” said Don Roper, VP Sales and Marketing, Honeybear Brands. “Consumers have their favorites, and we’re confident EverCrisp will be one of them. We believe both Evercrisp and Pazazz have the flavor and texture profiles that keep the apple deck exciting and sales healthy when dollars traditionally shift to other categories.”  

EverCrisp is available through May from the Midwest and Washington state growing regions.

Sweet, Crunchy, and Juicy

The EverCrisp is flavorful, juicy and lightly crisp. It has a dense flesh that combines the best features of its parent varieties, the Honeycrisp and Fuji.  While it makes a great snack, its firmness makes it an ideal apple for baking.

Honeybear Brands makes EverCrisp available to retailers in bulk, recyclable pouches, and totes. “Our Evercrisp packaging is co-branded with the recognizable Honeybear signaling quality and consistency to consumers and retailers,” said Kristi Harris, brand manager.

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About Honeybear Brands

Family owned and operated for more than forty years, Honeybear is a dual hemisphere grower, packer, shipper and importer of apples, pears and cherries year-round. A pioneer in the commercialization of Honeycrisp, the company has been an industry leader in responsible, sustainable growing practices and land stewardship for many years. Honeybear Brands is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wescott Agri Products. For more information about Honeybear, visit and follow us on Facebook.

Honeybear® is a trademark of Wescott Agri Products BB #:128246.