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Sponsored Content: Value-Added Services from Lineage Fresh


Lineage Fresh BB #:294667 is our core offering for the safe storage and transit of fruits and vegetables.

We have the infrastructure, port proximity, expert staff, and storage facilities with the full spectrum of temperature zone to help keep food fresh and long-lasting. But Lineage Fresh also had value-added services that differentiate us from the rest.


To help prevent the spread of pests that could cause irreparable harm to native crops and ecosystems, we offer fumigation services at our Savannah facility. During this process Lineage gets the products up to the right temperature, performs the fumigation overnight, then gets the product back down to storage temperature and finally stores it—all within 24 hours.


Sometimes products are brought in at a different temperature than what’s required by the facility. Through our pre-cooling service we apply cooler temperatures to get the product down to the required temperature faster. This helps increase product shelf life.

Re-pack & Bagging

When products come into our facilities in bulk boxes, we’re able to repackage the products and get them ready for retail. This allows you more flexibility while also getting products onto shelves quicker.

Customs Bonded Facilities/CBP

To facilitate the clearance of some products, we have Customs Border Patrol-approved facilities that reduce processing time and cost. Our Lineage Fresh Savannah facility, for example, is CBP approved. At our CBP-approved facilities, we can pick up product immediately from the port, bring it to our facility and have it approved. This can help save you time and money and allows us to get those products on the shelves as fast as possible.

Restacking, Reconditioning and Restyling

Sometimes, when products come into the port and into our facility, they will shift on their pallets. Restacking allows us to ensure the products aren’t being damaged before they reach the shelves. With restyling and reconditioning we’re able to alter products based on your instructions to help ensure these products meet their requirements before reaching consumers. This helps ensure the highest-quality produce reaches the consumers as fast as possible.

A Growing Offering

Take a look at our facility footprint, and you’ll see how Lineage is making an impact when it comes to fresh. Our global Fresh solutions are here to help you manage your products, reduce delays, extend shelf life, and get it to market.