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Sponsored Content: Using Data Modeling to Keep Fresh Foods Fresh

Data Modeling

At Lineage BB #:294667, we’re committed to using data insights to maximize the value of temperature-controlled logistics. This is especially true for fresh foods, where real-time data insights make a real difference for time-sensitive products like fruits and vegetables.

That’s why we’ve invested in an award-winning data science team that uses data insights at all levels of the supply chain. With our supply chain management platform, Lineage Link®, we offer increased visibility and control. This means that you can monitor, move, and manage fresh product across the entire cold chain with ease and transparency.

One of the most significant benefits of data modeling is anticipation. Improved cold chain visibility allows our supply chain engineers to prevent common transportation headaches before they even occur. From driver shortages and rising fuel costs to lack of warehouse space or losing track of a shipment, Lineage’s real-time data makes it possible to diagnose and address problems quickly. This helps ensure fresh products reach consumers on time and cost effectively.

Data insights also give us the unique ability to optimize routes for individual distribution vehicles. When it comes to fresh product, efficient travel is especially important. At Lineage, we consider everything from the type of vehicle and weight of the load to real-time weather, road, and traffic conditions to determine the fastest and most cost-effective route from point A to point B.

We also value customer access to our data science tools. Lineage Link® offers advanced visibility to the supply chain with access to real-time data on inventory stock in the warehouse, where shipments are in transit and the minute-by-minute delivery statuses. The platform even offers customizable alerts for inventory, order and shipping activity, enabling you to anticipate and address problems before they occur.

The impact of data science on the bottom line is significant. Through a combination of data science and supply chain engineering, Lineage can help save you on transportation costs. Lineage Link® also helps you meet your sustainability goals. A more efficient cold is also a less wasteful cold chain. With Lineage Link® fresh food is always under our watch to ensure it reaches its destination in the best condition possible.