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Equifruit sales director becomes co-owner

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Montreal, QC, Sept, 7, 2023 – Equifruit BB #:329901, the North American leader in Fairtrade-certified bananas, is overjoyed to announce that its Director of Sales & Marketing, Kim Chackal, has become an owner of the company.

Equifruit’s President, Jennie Coleman, retains a majority share. The socially responsible brand has long advocated for gender equity in the banana industry, and this latest move solidifies Equifruit as an innovator in produce that truly lives its values.

In her nine years with Equifruit, Chackal has been instrumental in building a Fairtrade banana brand that refuses to be ignored. Through her commercial leadership, Equifruit’s 10-year sales CAGR is forecast to hit 27% this financial year. That growth has tremendous impact for the small growers and plantation workers Equifruit works with and advocates for. There’s a reason Chackal is known as the OG #BananaBadass.

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A beaming Coleman expressed her excitement, stating, “Kim inspires me by her dedication to our Fairtrade mission, her commitment to representing the needs of small growers and banana plantation workers, her tenacity in converting customers and consumers alike to our brand, her rational problem-solving skills, excellent commercial sense, and clear strategic vision – all in her trademark humor and warmth.”

Chackal responded, “Taking a long-term stake in Equifruit will level-up my ambition to achieve Global Fairtrade Banana Domination. I can think of no better life project than to change the banana industry for the better. Leading this 21st century banana company – with its strong mission and values – is a great professional and personal thrill.”

Chackal’s minority stake in Equifruit represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey toward creating a more equitable and sustainable banana industry. Her expertise, passion, and dedication will undoubtedly continue to drive Equifruit’s expansion across North America.

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About Equifruit
Equifruit is a group of diehard believers in ethical fruit sourcing. Especially when it comes to bananas. We’re righting the wrongs of banana business history by making it fair from the start, especially for farmers. Established in 2006, Equifruit is Canada’s leading Fairtrade-certified banana importer. We’re a growing produce aisle sweetheart. Stay tuned for our Global Fairtrade Banana Domination – starting with North America. Linkedln, Instagram, TikTok

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