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Bobalu Berries taps staff for recipe inspiration

Bobalu Berries taps staff for recipe inspiration

Oxnard CA – August 29, 2023 – Thanks to a bountiful summer of delicious Bobalu berries, BB #:354734 the staff at this farming company has been enjoying fresh strawberries straight from the ranch and inspiring each other with their creations.

“We recently asked the staff to share some of their favorite recipes so we could then share them with our followers on social media. We had no idea what type of response we would get, and we were pleasantly surprised” said Cindy Jewell, Marketing for Bobalu.   

For the next several days after the request, recipes, photos, and stories came pouring in from employees both from Oxnard and Santa Maria offices.  

In addition to family favorite recipes shared, fresh strawberries were brought in from the field in Santa Maria and recipes were created in the office kitchen for all to share and enjoy. Irma created an Agua Fresa recipe for everyone and shared photos. 

Then, strawberries were driven to Oxnard from Santa Maria by one of the company owners so the staff there could get in on the fun and create recipes to share with those working in that office. Gabby, in Oxnard, quickly whipped up a large batch of Fresas con Crema for everyone to share.  

The number of recipes, stories and photos received was quite surprising and inspiring at the same time. One staff member even has an Instagram page promoting her favorite recipe creations she makes with Bobalu berries. Another staff member shared a Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Cup recipe her daughter prepared in support of a recent fundraiser for Breast Cancer awareness.  

Each of the stories collected along with photos, and staff credit will be shared on the @Bobaluberries social media pages in the coming weeks for consumers to enjoy and create at home. 

“We find that personal stories and recipes shared on social media gain much more engagement, and now we have wonderful new content generated in-house that we are very excited to share with others” adds Jewell.

The managing partners at the company continue to explore ways to tap into internal resources as they build on and tell their family story more than 60 years in the making.  This is just one example of how they include their staff as part of the family at Bobalu Berry Farms.