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Superfresh Growers updates new crop: abundance & quality unite

Superfresh new crop-abundance & quality unite

Yakima, WA, August 21, 2023 – As the new crop apple season dawns upon us, there is cause for excitement in the apple industry. Washington State, proudly reports a remarkable 29% increase in its apple crop. This surge in production can be attributed to the favorable spring conditions that have nurtured a bountiful yield of clean and high-quality fruit.

There will be promotional opportunities for all retail channels. Retailers can anticipate a steady stream of apples to support year-round promotions. “This will be a year to not repeat last year’s merchandising plans,” describes Cat Gipe-Stewart, Director of Marketing. “We have more apples, and better quality this year. This is the year to put apples front and center and PROMOTE!”

This year’s apple harvest showcases an impressive double-digit growth in volume across all varieties. This abundance translates into a comprehensive selection that caters to all palates and preferences, boasting a bonanza of colors. Notably, Honeycrisp and Cosmic Crisp varieties have been particularly remarkable, exhibiting substantial growth and exceptional quality. In a testament to their popularity, consumers are transitioning between these two choices. Capitalizing on this trend, a dual promotion strategy is recommended, either endorsing both varieties jointly or alternating between them to provide a compelling one-two-punch offering.

In a year marked by ample crop size, Superfresh Growers BB #:113721 is dedicated to delivering impeccable quality that maximizes returns for the farming community. The overall fruit quality is projected to surpass last year’s standards, characterized by a remarkable two-size increase in fruit dimensions. Notably, this year’s distribution will exhibit a higher concentration of sizes within the mid-range of the bell curve, with reduced volume at both extremes of size.

A standout contender this season is Autumn Glory, a variety poised for a substantial surge in volume. With distinct notes of cinnamon and caramel, and a name that evokes the essence of fall, Autumn Glory presents a compelling choice for pre-holiday promotions, especially in the month of November.

Quality undeniably takes center stage this year, evident through the impeccably clean and unblemished fruit across the spectrum, spanning across organic and conventional crops. The spring weather in May created ideal growing conditions, fostering a robust bloom and optimal pollination. Additionally, spring temperatures facilitated optimal nutrient absorption, a marked improvement over the comparatively colder spring of 2022, ensuring the development of beautifully sized and high-quality fruit across most varieties.

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“The 2022 crop year was difficult for growers and we look forward to put the past behind us and look ahead to new crop. We had the perfect storm last year with snow disrupting pollination season and then an early freeze at harvest, creating a short crop with less than ideal quality. We can leave that in the rearview mirror now,” explains Gipe-Stewart.

As we embark on this fruitful 2023 season, it becomes evident that quality reigns supreme. Superfresh Growers invites you to indulge in the unparalleled excellence of this year’s apple harvest, embodying the dedication and expertise of Washington State’s apple growers.