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From podcast to leadership resource: Self Smarter’s evolution

Self Smarter podcast evolves into leadership resource & coaching provider

Coaching Leaders to Feel Equipped & Reach Their Full Potential

DALLAS (August 23, 2023) – The Self Smarter Podcast, hosted by Dan’l Mackey Almy and Megan Zweig of DMA Solutions, BB #:188910 announce the evolution from podcast to a service provider offering leadership resources and coaching services for individuals and teams to hone their purpose, passion and potential.

With over twenty years of individual leadership experience, the two hosts are passionate about sharing leadership lessons in an honest and human way to help fellow leaders find community and support on their leadership journey. 

“What started as a passion project and significant investment over the last year and a half has evolved into something bigger,” said Dan’l Mackey Almy. “The podcast has taught us how much our listeners are seeking support and validation. The resources and coaching services simply aim to enrich the experience for leaders by giving them access to guidance throughout their journey.”

The Self Smarter team invites listeners to join The Insiders Club, which provides access to special content and coaching opportunities that are not broadly available.

“Dan’l and I are having the best time creating tools and resources for leaders,” said Megan Zweig. “We only wish we had access to helpful content like this when we were coming up as young leaders. We know for sure that no matter where you are on your leadership journey, there is always room for honing and polishing our skills. That’s precisely our intention with the launch of these new resources and services!”

You don’t have to be a listener of the podcast to gain access to the tools and coaching they offer. The options are available at and are created for leaders seeking to harness their purpose, passion, and potential. 

About Self Smarter

Self Smarter launched in February 2022 as a weekly podcast with new episodes every Monday. Hosted by Dan’l Mackey Almy and Megan Zweig, the podcast coaches leaders to feel equipped and to reach their full potential. In 2023, the podcast expanded to offer leadership development resources and coaching for individuals and teams to hone their purpose, passion and potential. The Self Smarter podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Stitcher, and RSS. For more information and to stay up to date on current episodes, visit, or follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

About DMA Solutions

DMA Solutions is a full-service brand and marketing agency serving industries across fresh produce, better-for-you foods, restaurants, and more. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, DMA Solutions provides a full spectrum of marketing services with quantifiable results to fit each of their client’s individual needs. To learn more about DMA Solutions, the company’s work, and its team of marketers, visit and The Core Blog, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.