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Superfresh Growers unveils new podcast

Superfresh Growers unveils “In the Bin” podcast: A Fresh View on the Produce Industry
Pictured: In the Bin Podcast with Tyler Weinbender and Tyler & Dan in studio

Join the Conversation on Orchard-to-Table Insights and Connect Globally through Superfresh Growers Engaging New Podcast Series

Yakima, WA- August 18, 2023 Superfresh Growers, BB #:113721 a leader in the produce industry and marketing innovation, is thrilled to launch its latest endeavor—a captivating podcast transcending global boundaries, delivering an immersive auditory experience through earbuds and car speakers worldwide.

Superfresh Growers is now the title sponsor of a fresh new podcast called In The Bin, which takes you on a journey from orchard to table, revealing the ins and outs of the produce industry.

At the helm of the podcast is Tyler Weinbender, Director of Sustainability and Packaging for Superfresh Growers. With a background deeply rooted in a multi-generational farming family in the lower Yakima Valley, Tyler’s passion for agriculture has been a driving force throughout his career.

“Industry feedback has been incredible,” describes Weinbender. “At first I didn’t think anyone would listen, it started as a side project just for fun, but has quickly turned into a great platform to share ideas, innovations, struggles, and discussion about the industry we all love.”

The Bin

Launched in April, this engaging podcast is available on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It is also available on the Superfresh Growers website. Since its debut, five episodes have been released, receiving enthusiastic feedback from across the produce industry.

The first episode kicked things off by Tyler chatting with retired veteran salesman, Dan Harrington. This laid the foundation for the insightful discussions that followed. Notable guests include Brett Monson, Pacific Northwest apple and cherry grower, as well as Steve Potter, a wizard in orchard technology and cyber security.

The podcast also delved into policy matters with guests Rebeckah Adcock and John Hollay from the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) Government Relations team. The latest episode features Sarah Lucas, Director of Retail Strategy at Superfresh Growers. With experience on both the selling and buying sides of the retail produce spectrum, Sarah brings valuable insights into the world of perishable goods.

To hear these episodes and be the first to listen to future episodes, subscribe on Spotify or Apple podcasts. If you have content ideas or guest suggestions for future episodes, please reach out to Your input could become the next exciting chapter for In The Bin’s podcast journey.