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Oceanside Pole gears up for ripe season with Oppy

Oceanside Pole gears up for ripe season with Oppy

Unveiling expanded operations, volume expectations and unmatched taste

Oceanside, Calif. — The only pole-grown operation west of the Mississippi, Oceanside Pole will harvest the season’s first vine-ripened tomatoes at the end of June alongside exclusive marketer Oppy BB #:116424.

Oceanside Pole expects 3.4 million cases of rounds and romas from its 700-acre farm in California in addition to 160 acres out of Mexico, all produced to the same high standards upheld by its management teams and growers, ensuring a consistent product. The unique growing method raises fruit off the ground to improve airflow — and therefore tomato quality — to ripen to its juicy, robust taste, naturally on the vine, then harvested at retail specifications to arrive at precise perfection.

“Each plant is harvested an average of 18 times, ensuring tomatoes are hand-selected to specific ripeness,” said Senior Sales Representative James Galindo. “We even pick, ship and deliver to retailers within 24 hours, ensuring their shoppers have the exact tomatoes they’re looking for on their shelves.”

It isn’t just the produce aisle that carries Oceanside Pole tomatoes explained Director of Sales and Strategy and Sales Executive Mark Smith, “We’re getting more interest in the foodservice sector than we’ve ever seen before. Unlike other tomatoes, we ship once at peak of freshness and at the color specifications they require. And because of their deep red and firm exterior, clean-slicing and hearty interior and superior taste, it’s an experience unlike any other, resulting in repeat orders all season long.”

Recently updating its packing shed and adding a new production line, Oceanside Pole has streamlined its operations, resulting in a smoother process for delivering its top-quality tomatoes. Smith shared that recent off-season rain effectively cleansed the soil and improved overall crop quality. The increased water supply has contributed to a better yield and enhanced product integrity.

The first harvest of roma tomatoes is anticipated in late June, followed by rounds in mid-July. Peak volume is expected from late August through September and October, culminating around the Thanksgiving season.

Oceanside Pole has also made strides in supporting former military members through its veterans program, collaborating with nearby Marine Corps Camp Pendleton to provide civilian work experience to those transitioning out of service. Now with five fulltime retired servicemen helping lead the operation, this program is more important than ever to its success.

Packs available in 22-pound two layers, 25-pound volume fill and 15-pound single layer boxes, RPCs and a 5-pound club pack.

Furthermore, Oceanside Pole’s Brussels sprout season is in full swing, with availability until around July 15.

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